safe space Policy

My Loma Linda studio is a non-threatening, supportive space for visitors, clients, students, and vendors.

Threatening and oppressive behavior is not tolerated by Real Epic Photos.

Oppressive behavior includes discriminatory conduct that demeans, harms, marginalizes, or threatens based on ability, age, appearance, cultural background, education, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, language, nationality, parental status, race, religion, or sexual orientation. 

If you experience abuse, assault, or harassment or if you feel someone is interfering with your participation or presence in my studio, please let me know in person, via email, through text message, or via any other means.

When you visit my studio, you must agree to the following guidelines:
  • Assault, discrimination, harassment, and threats are not tolerated.
  • Respect backgrounds, beliefs, economic status, experiences, gender, opinions, sexual preference, and social status.
  • Respect physical boundaries. Do not touch anyone without express permission.
  • Change your behavior if someone shares that you're making them uncomfortable.
  • Drugs, smoking, and weapons are not permitted on studio property.
  • Alcohol is permitted during official events only.

If you're unable to follow these guidelines, you must leave my studio.

If you have suggested additions or improvements to this Safe Space Policy (aka Safe-space Policy, Safer Space Policy, Positive Space Policy), please contact me.

Safe Space Policy Details