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Photo Session Frequently Asked Questions

As you browse through the internet in search of that perfect Inland Empire portrait photographer, you’re likely curious about a few things: “How do people get ready for a photo session? What’s the cost involved? Can they just ‘photoshop’ it? What if I only want digital copies?” And I’m sure there’s more on your mind.

Below, you’ll find a set of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) questions that many of my clients have asked at some point. My goal is to keep you well-informed and guide you, so when it comes to your makeover and photo shoot, all you need to focus on is You.

What should I wear?

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “What should I wear to my photo session?”

wardrobe selection options during photo session

What to wear for your portrait session largely depends on the style and tone of the images you want to capture. Think about the purpose of the portrait session and dress accordingly. Professional headshots, family portraits, and creative sessions will all showcase your personality and individual story. Solid colors with no logos tend to work best as they keep the focus on you.

Even though our sessions include a guided wardrobe consultation, here are some basic tips that apply to everyone:

  • Keep accessories elegant and minimal.
  • Stay away from distracting prints or patterns.
  • Opt for solid colors.
  • Make sure everything is pressed or steamed and hanging prior to your session.

If you cannot decide, bring it! We can use clips to make what you bring more flattering. Different outfit options will give you flexibility and allow for several different looks. The key is to choose clothing that makes you feel confident & comfortable. Remember, we will guide you to chose the right outfits so that you look your best and create images you will love.

How can I prepare for a portrait session?

In order to look your best and ensure that you have a positive and successful experience, don’t skip the small stuff. Here are the top three things we recommend to help you prepare for your session..

Makeup on table during photo session

  1. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and fried foods, and get plenty of sleep. It’s recommended to go to bed early the night before your session to avoid any bags under your eyes. The more refreshed and relaxed you feel, the better your images will turn out!
  2. Take care of your nails. That means getting a mani-pedi, clear polish, or even just buffing and shaping. Your hands and nails will be in the photos and you want them looking gorgeous.
  3. Avoid tanning & sunburns. What!? Yes, and for two very good reasons. It will do nothing but age you in photos and red sunburns will be the first thing anyone notices. Even tanning booths and spray on tans will cast an orange or red tone to your skin.
  • A bonus tip. Facials & waxing can be very disagreeable to your skin. Give yourself 3-5 days before your session to wax and at least a week for facials to avoid any giant red welts.

How much do you alter the photos?

Retouching and editing is a trendy topic these days, especially with AI tools and filters. But creating artwork involves more than just applying filters. As your photographer and artist, my job is to create the most stunning images of you that you’ve ever seen. So before any editing has even started in Photoshop, my job is to make you feel and look absolutely stunning.  One of the methods we use for this is beautiful lighting that shapes your features and the image.  Another method we use is expert posing techniques which are carefully designed to accentuate the features you love and minimizing those you don’t.  And when it comes to post-processing, my method is all about enhancing and preserving the authenticity that makes you, you.

So, will I erase 40lbs off you or make you look like someone else? No. However, I will absolutely refine your skin and eliminate shadows?  Here’s my guiding principle: embrace the lines (they tell your unique story), but soften the shadows they cast. For a closer look at my style, take a look at our website.

What if I just want digital copies?

Digital copies of any product purchased are included at high resolution print size, and web resolution. For example, say you purchase a collection of 5 images at 8×12 and a canvas wall-art at 16×24. You will receive digital files of the 5 images sized to 8×12 and the file for your canvas at 16×24.

Can I print my photos myself?

When you purchase images from your session, you’ll get the corresponding digital file –retouched and sized according to your purchase. You’re welcome to print additional copies using your preferred printer, up to the agreed-upon size in our contract. If you’re thinking about larger prints, just let us know, and we’ll gladly help! If you’re needing multiple prints, we offer duplicate copies to guarantee the durability and excellence of your chosen medium. Our goal is to ensure your memories are showcased at their finest!”

Do you photograph families, newborns, or seniors?

Our specialization is photographing women and the people they love. I am a branding and portrait specialist.

Family portrait session of mother and two daughters holding eachother

Family Photography: we photograph a beauty session with Mom and bring the rest of the family in for the last 30 minutes. We’ve found that kids can be distracted/ing for an hour long photo shoot and 30 minutes seems to be the sweet spot whether in the studio or on location. Let’s start with sometime to pamper you, Mom. We’ll create beautiful portraits of and for you and then we can bring the family in for some lovely family photos too.

Senior Photography: YOU BETCHA! We love, love, LOVE shooting senior sessions! We can shoot in studio, on location or both! We’ll highlight their loves and dreams and have a ball! This is a great opportunity to showcase their love of sports, dance, theatre, reading, chess you name it!

Newborns Photography: Newborns are one genre we do not specialize in nor photograph. However we recommend the following Inland Empire Photographers to create WONDERFUL imagery for the new members of their families:

Do you photograph men?

Male model posing for a portrait session in studio

Absolutely. Whether men come to my studio with their significant other, or on their own they are always welcome. I love photographing men’s portraiture. It’s powerful. It allows them to honor themselves and the legacies they bring to the world.

Do you keep the digital files? What if we cannot purchase at our ordering session?

I love my artwork. And, I would love to say that I keep every last image and file, from every last client but, we simply do not. What we love, we print. We love seeing our artwork tangibly, holding it in our hands and seeing it on our walls. Two weeks following your reveal and image selection session, un-purchased images are deleted from our archives.

Where does the photo session take place?

My portrait studio is located in Loma Linda, CA. We’re just off the I-10 and I-215, near Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

Can I smoke or bring my pet at your studio?

There is no smoking or vaping in or near the studio. Although I’m very much a dog lover, pets and support animals are not allowed unless approved and part of the photo session.

Tell me about your products.

Our studio offers luxurious, hand made Italian leather (or vegan) folio boxes to store and display your fine-art matted photos.

Reveal folio box with mom and daughter

You also can select from our archival mounted prints, vivid metal, heirloom canvas, and modern acrylic museum worthy wall art.


I’m not photogenic though! Is that OK?

Stop right there! I believe being “photogenic” is a myth.  As your photographer, my job is to create moments so you look and feel extraordinary. And lucky for you, I’m a master at guiding women of all ages, shapes and sizes look amazing in photographs.

What days do you have available for my photo session?

We shoot our portrait sessions exclusively on Tuesdays & Fridays during the week. Many of our clients take a half or full day off work to “play hooky” and enjoy some pampering. We’ve found that Friday appointments are the most sought after since clients already look and feel amazing, so they go out afterwards. (The first and third Saturday is also available by appointment only.)

How far in advance should I book my session?

That depends on the time of year however you can expect a 45 day window from your time of inquiry to your photo session at a minimum. We encourage you to book early to guarantee an available session.

What if I booked my date & then have to reschedule?

I totally understand that life happens! You are allowed one reschedule at least 14 days out from the photo session at no charge. If we have less than 14 days notice (or this is the second time you need to reschedule) there is a $250 rescheduling fee per person. Of course there are exceptions that we discuss during your consultation.

Will you publish my photos on your website or in your marketing?

We do require all clients to sign a portrait studio agreement for their session which outlines certain boundaries and expectations however, some of our clients prefer to not have their imagery shared publicly. During your image selection appointment we will determine which imagery, if any that you are comfortable having shared in our marketing efforts.

What is an image selection appointment?

We do not offer online galleries for our photography clients. Immediately following your session, you will see and select your images. It is during this image selection that you decide on the artwork that fits your needs and imagery. This method maintains our high quality of service while we will guide you to the best product for your needs, as well as help you curate impactful collections for your wall art. Our goal is for you to only purchase imagery you LOVE. Nothing more, nothing less.

How much does it cost to book a portrait session?

The retainer is $700 to book your session, be photographed, and includes your first image. (Our professional hairstyling and makeup artist is complementary for 1 person.)  Included is a personal design consultation, session style and prep guide, hairstyling and makeup, portrait session in the studio with 5-7 looks, and an in-person image selection appointment. 100% of the retainer will be applied towards any additional package or wall art you wish to purchase.

Individual artwork is an additional $700 for an 6×8 print, matted to 8×10, and mounted ready for framing. At your image selection appointment you choose your favorite(s), the medium in which you want them delivered, and purchase your selections at that time. Packages and wall art vary from $2500 to $4500. It truly depends on your budget, what you love, and what we create together.


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